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Tiki Island Slots

Tiki Island is a highly popular slot machine that is based on an imaginary island in the pacific ocean.  It is featured on some of the most visited bingo sites in the UK and comes with a £2500 jackpot.  The minimum bet per line is 1 pence although you can go all the way up in increments, to 25p per line.  By betting the maximum, you stand the highest chance of hitting the BIG win.

The aim of the game is to spin winning combinations of the Tiki icons and if you are lucky, to reach one of the bonus rounds (more below).  You will also win cash for spinning scatter symbols onto the win lines.  If you are feeling lazy, or enjoy playing more than one game at once, it is helpful to know that there is an auto-play option that can be used to spin the reels automatically.

Sites that offer the Tiki Island Slot

Below you will find a list of the most popular and trusted bingo sites that offer Tiki Island slots.  Each offers a fantastic welcome bonus when you register with them and make your first deposit.

Heart Bingo

Heart is most famous for its radio station, although it has fairly recently introduced its brand into the world of online bingo and games.  It is operated by Gamesys – the people behind JackpotJoy and includes a number of the great games you will find on its sister site.

When you sign up with Heart Games, you can benefit from a 200% welcome bonus.  To take advantage of this offer, simply click on the banner above, register for an account, make a deposit, and you will be instantly credited with your free money.

Caesars Bingo

Although the Caesars brand is most well known for its Las Vegas casino, you will also find that they have an online bingo room as well.  The site is increasingly popular and also features some of the best slots online, including Zuma, Double Bubble, Winstones, and of course the Tiki Island slot!

In terms of deposit bonuses, Caesars Bingo is one of the best around.  There is 200% free available up to a whopping £600!  To qualify for the full amount, deposit £300 and you will be given a total of £900 to play with.  If you want to deposit a smaller amount, like £10, then this is fine also.

The Tiki Island Bonuses

There are two bonuses that can be reached when playing Take; cheeky Take’s nuts, and the puffer fish bonus.

Puffer Fish Bonus

The puffer fish bonus is all about popping puffer fish.  The more fish you are able to pop, without finding the one with no coins inside it, the more cash you stand to win.  If you choose the fish with no cash inside its belly, the bonus round is over and you will be returned to the main game screen.

Cheeky Tiki’s Nuts

The Cheeky Take’s Nuts bonus round is very similar to the puffer fish bonus, but instead of selecting fish, you have to choose which coconuts you want to aim at.  The more coconuts you split open, the more money you will win.  If you choose the coconut with no cash in it, then again, the bonus game will be over and the main Tiki Island slot screen will reappear.

So there we go!  As a fan of the Tiki slot, we hope you have the best of luck playing, no matter which site you decide to join.