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I’m Kate Long – an Economics graduate from the University of Bristol. I am currently having a year out but will be furthering my education in September...

The author of The Bad Mother’s Handbook – Kate Long

This bestseller novel’s author is truly a noteworthy personality. Her life stories, her growth and her career are surely remarkable. Kate Long lives in UK and has completed her education in Bolton School. She studied English in Bristol University and then moved on to receive training in teaching. Her basic instinct of becoming an author stemmed from her English education and her occupation of being a teacher. She taught in a secondary grade school known as Abbey Gate College, for almost 10 years.


On acceptance of her book The Bad Mother’s Handbook she quit her job as a teacher and went on to pursue her career as a writer. Her book was published in 2004 by Picador and soon went on to become a best-selling novel of that time. It was also adapted into a TV series and apart from the success, was also nominated to win a British book award. Ruby Films was interested in the book and bought the rights to the film.


In February 2007, the TV film was released for viewers. The book became another identity for Kate Long as its recognition and acclaim kept growing. Following the success of this book, Kate went on to write Swallowing Grandma and Queen Mum, the two books following her bestseller novel.


Kate’s next book, The Daughter Game came out in 2008, with an interesting story wherein a teacher tries to help out a student struggling with her troublesome personal life. However, the story twists to a place where the 16-year old student gets back at her and starts to conquer the teacher’s life instead.

Kate’s novels usually revolve around family drama or generation gaps and strained relationships due to the age differences. The topics usually are women-oriented and involve adoption, infidelity, mental health issues, sexuality, and disability among others. She is a full-time recognised writer and thoroughly enjoys her work on a daily basis.

Novels and More…

In all, Kate has published seven novels with her first one being a bestseller. Her other work includes writing short stories and articles in various Woman based magazines and newspapers. Kate is inspired by teenage drama and feels that as a teacher, she was quite involved in their lives in various ways.

Teenagers can also be extremely controlling at times and show weird signs of adulthood that are quite unexpected. All teenagers live a life of high drama and everything around them is quite dramatic. This is what makes them a good subject for writing and she enjoys working with them. Even though Kate loves being a writer, she misses her time as a teacher and the bonding with the students that helped her understand their generation better.

Kate as a Child

Kate was the only child and liked to be one with her thoughts and inner voices. She would keep to herself and listen to her thoughts peacefully. Maybe that is what has brought her closer to being a writer. She loved to read as a child, listen to people talking and think a lot. She also has a visual memory that helps her characterise better and more effectively.

Kate’s Inspiration to Become a Writer

It was the time when her English teacher asked them to read the poem The Thought Fox when she was amazed by the intelligence and power of words. It was at that exact moment when she probably decided that she would like to become an author and use the magic of words to her advantage. After 20 years, her dream did come true and she made it as a successful writer.

Kate Long’s story is surely an inspiration to young writers who want to explore the world of writing and become a full-time writer leaving their current job. Though it may take courage, it is a rewarding experience and it surely enhances your personal and professional growth. Her first bestselling novel will always be the brightest feather in her hat!