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Golden Goddess Slots

The gaming and gambling industry has over the last few decades seen the introduction of new slot game producers. Most of these producers have brought in different technologies in a bid to edge out the conventional slot games that exist in the casinos. Surprisingly, none of the companies have managed to match the quality of slot games produced by IGT let alone edging out these games from the industry. IGT has been the leading software producers in the gaming industry and has gone through several revamp processes to ensure that they are providing impressive slot games in their portfolio. One of these games that have surely satisfied the valuable customers is the Golden Goddess Slots which has been seen to be every players dream. This is a game that offers the player exciting gaming experience with loads of entertainment and handsome winnings which are truly rewarding.

Golden Goddess Slots adopts the fantasy theme which is recurrent in most slot games. This is a theme that offers a whimsical escape into the colorful world giving the player of the slots a trilling lively experience that will make them want to play some more. The slot can be played in the 3D effect due to its multi-level display option available to the players. It is thus perfect for regular players as well as high rollers as it will give features that the player can customize to fit their need and preference.

The game has 5 reels and 10 pay lines where players can place their bids when playing for real money. There is also the 40 pay line option which is available to the players. Though many have been contented with the 10 pay lines, some would prefer having more pay lines and this is the essence of having the 40 pay line option. The maximum credits that a player can win in the game on a single credit wager is 2000 credits with the real money wager that can be placed being 2000 credits. The players are left to choose their preferred coin denomination with the range being between a penny and a US dollar. This is a wide range that allows the player to participate even when they are having low bankrolls.  The maximum amount that a player can place as a wager in the 40 pay line game is 2000 credits and 500 credits for the 10 pay line game.

Golden Goddess Slots is the best representation of the fantasy theme as it adopts a whimsical environment which brings along symbols such as white Dove, Prince, Brown Horse, Golden Goddess and the high value cards such as Ten, Jack, King, Queen and Ace among other symbols. The animations and audio effects are also perfectly matched making the graphics appear in a clean and clear manner that depicts the 3D format of all symbols. More to this, when the player hits te winning combination in the game, the symbols will become animated. The animation creates a unique gaming experience which a player can only get in this particular game.

The chances of winning in this game are quite high compared to other games in the field. This is basically due to the number of credits offered in the game at a go. Moreover, the game has a bonus round which is the trademark of every award winning slot game. This is a round that rarely disappoints as the player gets the chance to play where they choose one of the symbols in the nine symbols of a rose. When the player makes their selection, a regular symbol in the game will be revealed and this forms the stacked symbol for the bonus round. In addition to this bonus round, the player is also given the opportunity to play the free spins which total to seven. This happens if the chosen symbol in the bonus round appears stacked on the reels.

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