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Ghostbusters Slots

Among the newly launched video slot games by IGT is Ghostbusters Slots. This is a slot game based on a hit movie franchise featuring the famous characters- Slimer, the team o Ghostbusters, the stay Puft Marshmallow and brings the movie’s fantasy world into the game. With this new creation, IGT showcase their new center stage Duo model which is a 55 inch liquid crystal display screen and the booming MEGAfx surround chair audio system. These are aimed at keeping the player awestruck in all the rounds played in the game. It is an invention that has received a warm welcome from players who are now thrilled by the comfortable and inviting gaming environment.

This is one of the easiest games to learn and play. It not only comes with the required instructions but also has the character of Slimer leading the player through the game. This is a huge advantage to new players as they have the opportunity of learning the game with ease. Slimer will portray the anchor, occasionally mock and tease the players while giving credits, antics and multipliers. The fictional Puft Marshmallow will also make an appearance in the game leaving marshmallow chunks which act as the wild and multipliers. Moreover, the game has amazing graphics and music background that brings amazing sound effects in the game. With these features, the player can get the experience of living in the movie as they continue playing the game. This is not to mention the unforgettable movie clips that continue to play during the game giving the player a feeling of living the movie experience and at the same time offering great entertainment.

This is one of the games that have numerous bonus features which simply imply numerous winning chances for the player. The player has the opportunity to slide from one huge win to the other and this has been seen as one of the reasons behind the huge number of people playing the game all over the world. These bonuses include the Ballroom Buster Bonus where t he player can strap on a proton pack in the movie. This is a pack that helps the player to open fire at objects thus blowing up the room. There is also the lookout for those marshmallow bonuses round that once activated, marshmallows in the game will shower from the skies. When they stick to the symbols currently on the screen, they are transformed into wild multiplier symbols. The multiplier symbol doubles the player’s payout in the game. There are also other bonuses such as How psychic are you? Pick a Slime, Unique Game Play and the Haunting Call Bonus which offer the player a totally thrilling gaming experience.

Ghostbusters Slots as 30 pay lines which require 50 credits for every spin. The bas game requires 20 credit bets which should be available in the pay line. These huge number of pay lines not only allows the player to mace many bets but also gives them the opportunity to win huge amounts of cash from the game. This is one of the games where the player can win huge amounts of cash in a single round and this has been one of the factors that have given the game the huge following all over the world.

The games features are very friendly making it both friendly and inviting. It has graphics which are professionally done to ensure that everything fits in the game theme. The images are perfectly colored making them catch the player’s attention but at the same time not too vibrant to make them loose the much needed concentration in the game. The audio is also done with the highest level of professionalism and this gives the player a friendly playing environment that enables them to play comfortably and secure great wins.

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