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Fort Knox Slots Machine

The slot machine industry has been populated by many companies; however, none beats the IGT Company. The IGT has developed the best slot machines in the market which include the wheel of fortune, double diamonds, megabucks and the irresistible Fort Knox. The Fort Knox slot machine offers players 25 line and 30 line slots with 500 coin and 600 coin themes respectively. There are expectations that in future there will be a version with more lines to offer the maximum betting configurations.

This slot games has numerous bonuses with several levels and it is packed with entertainment. The overall theme has been linked with a few tried and test IGT games. They come in compelling signage that is built using extremely advanced technology which drives the users to extreme limits as they try to crack the vault.

The Fort Knox slots come with some of the familiar symbols that we have encountered in other slot machines and they include; Cleopatra, frog prince, the enchanted unicorn and the lucky Larry’s Lobstermania. The best thing about the slot is that each of the symbols comes with its own bonus opportunities.

The tiger zone is the top box of the fort Knox slots and it works on very interesting concepts. It is advisable to keep in mind that the tiger zone can be set off at random intervals and it can tend to hit out at one of the many machines in the bank and this pays the player a guaranteed prize. This is known as the quick hit and it happens more often when there are more players in one particular bank at the same time.

There are four levels where the players who play the top box bonus events are promoted and they have an opportunity to pick from a given group of vaults.  The levels are platinum, bronze, gold and silver with the first being the highest reward of over 1000 dollars. Any player who moves to this zone has to watch out for a performance that will activate the trigger.

As a player, the greater the number of bets that you place, the better the chances of winning the Fort. The progressive slots offer a higher wage and they come with some of the strongest IGT themes. The themes include Kenny Rogers 2, Cleopatra 1 and II, Wild Goose Chase, Sydney Omar’s Horoscope and World Wrestling Entertainment.

There are other eye catching features of the game that include the 19 inch LCD flat screen monitor that comes with the top box. The screen can display over four progressive jackpot levels at a go. It is as well packaged in a vivid and brilliant color cycling which changes in the bonus rounds.

This is a game that offers a player a chance to win through the four progressive jackpots not to mention that it has the most mysterious bonusing system. The progressive jackpots come as interactive bonuses and not the common basic awards. Whenever a player triggers a progressive, they are entitled to a minimum 1st level copper win coupled with an opportunity to proceed to the next levels. There are safes that a player chooses from and they reveal points which help in getting to the next jackpot threshold. A bell rings as soon as a player enters the Fort Knox.  Compared to other slot games, this is the utmost entertainer.

There is a new Fort Knox series that has a penny series and it features mystery bonuses and some progressive jackpots too. Here the players get to experience and play for the four jackpots in twenty to forty lines that comes with 500 to 800 coin versions.

Elvis Slots

IGT has never disappointed in the quality of game offered with Elvis Slots being one of the best slot games produced by the company. This is a video slot game based on the famous rock and roll star by the name Elvis Presley. This is a game that has had a huge following since its introduction as it offers the players the opportunity to play a game with the entertainment from the icon’s greatest hits that spanned for a period longer than three decades. More to this, the game is not only available in its free version but it also has the real money wager option. This means that the player will not only have great fun playing the game but will also earn good money from the plays.

Elvis Presley is credited with the production of revolutionary music and also bolstering the rock and roll music genre in the entire United States.  This is the legacy that saw him receive the honor of having slot games produced on his music. This is among the few individuals who have had more than one slot game produced in their name as he has a whooping three slots produced by IGT in his name. Being a signature of the world renowned slot game produces, Elvis Slots is perfectly designed to include all the desired casino features. More to this, the game comes with a manual. This has all the necessary guidelines needed while playing the game. The information mainly directs new players on how to play for real money in the game and also information on the bonus features and the game’s prizes and awards.

Elvis Slots has 5 reels and 25 pay lines which are well designed to enable the player play the game comfortably without any difficulties. The players can place real money wagers in the game in several denominations among them being 0.01 and 40 credits. This is a good range that accommodates all types of players even those with low bank rolls. The game has a jackpot that has the highest price of £250,000. The jackpot is only available to players playing for real money and have registered cash accounts. Players playing the free games without a registered cash account do not have the capacity to claim this jackpot.

Elvis Presley being the greatest legend in the rock and roll music, IGT has paid homage to him by incorporating amazing crystal clear images of him along with the world renowned hits produced by the singer in the game. This gives Elvis’ fans and casino game lovers the opportunity to experience a unique gaming experience and real money wagering which can solely be attributed to the professional skills adopted by IGT. The screen in the game features an orange background which has Elvis Presley’s figure performing with a microphone. More to this, players receive a warm welcome in the game with Presley’s voice over. This makes the game both unique and enjoyable.

Elvis Slots has several symbols which are iconic to the artist and have a close association with him. These symbols include Sunglasses, Guitar, Shoes, Leather Jacket, Microphone and three images of Elvis Presley. One of the images features him in his famous white jacket with the upturned collar and this makes the game even more unique. In an effort to keep abreast with technology and enhance the game’s quality, IGT has excluded high value cards in the games symbols.

All the symbols in the game are clear and only become animated when they are included in a winning combination. The wild symbol in the game is the logo of Elvis the King and the symbol can be used in formation of winning combinations. This leads to a payout by substituting other regular symbols in the game. When the regular symbols are substituted, the symbols will expand and graphics depicting WILD will be shown on the screen.

An Overview of Baywatch Slot

Overview of Baywatch Slot: Where the sand is gold and the water, crystal!

Coin Size Min $0.01 to Max $25
Win/Pay line 20
Reels 5
Max Payout 1,500,000
Special Features Rescue Feature and Free Games Feature
Special Symbols Bonus, Scatter and Wild Symbols
Free Slot Spins Yes
AutoPlay Yes

Have you always admired the sultry CJ Parker and absolutely loved the smoldering Pamela Anderson? Did you think being a lifeguard was uber-cool because of Matt Brody, Neely Capshaw and Caroline Holden? Do you like playing and winning big? If so, this game is definitely your thang! With a theme set in those luscious and gorgeous Malibu beaches, this game sure gives you a very rustic sand and sparkling water vibes and is definitely based on the top 90s series, Baywatch. Released by the front-runners in this business, Playtech has gone all out in creativity with multiple bonuses in between its games almost like Inception. The theme has been well imbibed as the game is all play, fun and frolic.

Baywatch Slot is a progressive game that could get players winning a top prize of $1,500,000, but only if you go all in. The machine has five reels that can land on any of the twenty win lines providing you activated them all. With a wager choice of a meager $0.01 to a massive $500, you are definitely not at a lack of choice, especially when you get to pick how much you want to bet and it’s not machine automated.


You can pick any coin size ranging from $0.01 to $25 into the no. of reels being played thus making your highest bid $500, your minimum bid, a low roller less than a dollar and the maximum no. of coins that can be used – 20.

Go all in and you could be the lucky winner of a massive 1,500,000 (the maximum!) which is saying something.

Another amazing feature of this game is, you can play it in multiple local currencies which includes the British Pound, the Canadian Dollar or Euros. 

Win lines 

What about win lines? Well, players can choose the no. of paylines they want for each roll, thus making this a game personalized by the player and not just automated. The system is relatively simple, you pick the no. of lines you want to play, but inserting coins accordingly as 1 coin equals 1 payline, with a maximum of 20 coins being inserted per bet. As most games, the higher no. of lines you play, the more you could win. Though if you wagered the maximum amount of $500 and get a 5-in-hole of CJ Parker, you could be winning $1,500,000 which means you know what you got to do.

Normal Symbols 

The normal symbols in the game comprises of the numbers of a deck of playing cards, namely 1 – 10 and Jack (J), Queen (Q) and a King (K). In addition to those, you could also find three different types of Rescue Boats. Aside these regular symbols, you also have special symbols like the Wild and Scatters too.

Bonus Features and Symbols 

The first feature of the Baywatch slot games is the Rescue Feature, a bonus game, which is triggered when the Rescue Feature symbol appears anywhere on Reel 5. You then get to choose between two options, The CJ Parker Re-spin or the Lifeguard Mini Bonus.

If you pick the CJ Parker Re-spin Feature, you are awarded with 1 free re-spin. During this re-spin, randomly distributed extra wildcard (no more than 4) can be found on the reels. Also, if scatter symbols appear covered with wild symbols, you get paid as much as wild symbols do.

If you pick the Lifeguard Mini Bonus Feature, you will see 15 life guards covered in sand. You must uncover the sand from them one by one in an attempt to make a 3 of a kind match. All of them have a different cash value, but CJ Parker is worth 10 times the original stake.

The next feature is the Free Games Feature with which you get free spins. This is triggered when you get three Baywatch scatter symbols on any of the active reels. You get awarded with 12 free spins which has reels three stacked with lifeguards. You will be then shown a screen which will introduce you to the three lifeguard features that you will trigger in the Free Games Feature. Each of them will reward you with 6 free spins with its own special, individual features. When any of the corresponding lifeguard covers the entire third reel, one of the lifeguard features will trigger.

1)      My favorite, the Caroline Holden Feature is activated when Caroline occupies the entire third reel and you will get 6 extra re-spins and a 3x multiplier into all wins. You could also get wild symbols stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4.

2)      The Matt Brody Feature works the same way. It is triggered when Brody appears on the entire third reel and you get 6 extra free spins and the Matt Brody symbol acting as a wild symbol. A Matt Brody symbols appears on reel 1 and stays there frozen for the 1st, 4th and a 6th free spin.

3)      The most rewarding of all, the Neely Capshaw feature follows the same code but in addition to the free spins, you get a 2x multiplier which keeps increasing (up to 8x) if Neely Capshaw appears herself.

The best part of all, you can get about 12 free spins more every time 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reel. You cannot trigger more free spins during the lifeguard feature obviously, but you can get unlimited free spins in the base free spin feature. Tell me this isn’t the most money minting slot game you’ve come across!

The wild symbol in the Baywatch Slot Machine game is the CJ Parker symbol. And the scatter symbol is the Rescue Tower symbol. The Rescue Feature Text symbol is the bonus symbol in this game.

This was but a short presentation of the Baywatch Slot, with a basic explanation of various slot machine features to aid you. However, the best way to really understand the game is to try and play it yourself, no better feeling than that. Find a reliable online casino website and start playing already. Who knows, it may be your ticket to a nice, real life adventure to the Malibu beaches (imagine that!). Good luck!

Golden Goddess Slots

The gaming and gambling industry has over the last few decades seen the introduction of new slot game producers. Most of these producers have brought in different technologies in a bid to edge out the conventional slot games that exist in the casinos. Surprisingly, none of the companies have managed to match the quality of slot games produced by IGT let alone edging out these games from the industry. IGT has been the leading software producers in the gaming industry and has gone through several revamp processes to ensure that they are providing impressive slot games in their portfolio. One of these games that have surely satisfied the valuable customers is the Golden Goddess Slots which has been seen to be every players dream. This is a game that offers the player exciting gaming experience with loads of entertainment and handsome winnings which are truly rewarding.

Golden Goddess Slots adopts the fantasy theme which is recurrent in most slot games. This is a theme that offers a whimsical escape into the colorful world giving the player of the slots a trilling lively experience that will make them want to play some more. The slot can be played in the 3D effect due to its multi-level display option available to the players. It is thus perfect for regular players as well as high rollers as it will give features that the player can customize to fit their need and preference.

The game has 5 reels and 10 pay lines where players can place their bids when playing for real money. There is also the 40 pay line option which is available to the players. Though many have been contented with the 10 pay lines, some would prefer having more pay lines and this is the essence of having the 40 pay line option. The maximum credits that a player can win in the game on a single credit wager is 2000 credits with the real money wager that can be placed being 2000 credits. The players are left to choose their preferred coin denomination with the range being between a penny and a US dollar. This is a wide range that allows the player to participate even when they are having low bankrolls.  The maximum amount that a player can place as a wager in the 40 pay line game is 2000 credits and 500 credits for the 10 pay line game.

Golden Goddess Slots is the best representation of the fantasy theme as it adopts a whimsical environment which brings along symbols such as white Dove, Prince, Brown Horse, Golden Goddess and the high value cards such as Ten, Jack, King, Queen and Ace among other symbols. The animations and audio effects are also perfectly matched making the graphics appear in a clean and clear manner that depicts the 3D format of all symbols. More to this, when the player hits te winning combination in the game, the symbols will become animated. The animation creates a unique gaming experience which a player can only get in this particular game.

The chances of winning in this game are quite high compared to other games in the field. This is basically due to the number of credits offered in the game at a go. Moreover, the game has a bonus round which is the trademark of every award winning slot game. This is a round that rarely disappoints as the player gets the chance to play where they choose one of the symbols in the nine symbols of a rose. When the player makes their selection, a regular symbol in the game will be revealed and this forms the stacked symbol for the bonus round. In addition to this bonus round, the player is also given the opportunity to play the free spins which total to seven. This happens if the chosen symbol in the bonus round appears stacked on the reels.

Godzilla Slots

Godzilla is a legendary beast animal and a transformation that is made as a consequence of the dumping of atomic waste in Japan’s seas and which in this manner influenced marine life. The animal then comes into the urban areas to search for a suitable spot to keep its young. The animal was first indicated in a Japanese film that was discharged in the early 1950s.

A Godzilla slot is a gaming machine made by International Game Technology (IGT) and is focused around the popular legend and film of the same name. The focus is one of a hefty portion of IGT’s spaces which are focused around TV arrangement and movies. Players are pulled in to such setting as it is dependably a treat to see how their most loved film has been adjusted to a gaming slot. The slot machine can be played for real cash at any of the land-based casino joints.

IGT has figured out how to join a few components of the film into the slots as images and audios. The slot thus offers the famous Multi-play slot licensed by IGT where players can wager on various amusements in the meantime. This is one and only of the numerous progressive space machine slots made by IGT. The company has constantly strived to offer a premium betting knowledge to its profitable players by giving the most features in gaming programming.

Slot machines are prevalent casino amusements as they focused around fortunes as well as offer energizing thrilling play. Prior, slot machines had a straightforward outline and three reels that commonly portray products of the land images. On the other hand, with advancements in gaming technology, online slots have been added to slot machines to make them more appealing.

For example, in the Godzilla slots, IGT has offered a touch screen LCD screen so players can have an intuitive gaming and betting background. Two slots are shown with respect to the screen and players can play one or both of them. More prominent wins could be earned if players wager cash and play on both slots. The images in the Godzilla slots are shown over five reels in both games.

IGT has given dynamite sound-impacts and visuals in the Godzilla slots. The sound is stellar and could be accomplished in an encompass seat with in-constructed speakers. The thunder of Godzilla is a standout amongst the most astounding sound-impacts delivered by IGT. The organization has likewise given noteworthy representation to supplement the sound.

Among the images included in the space are pictures of Godzilla, Flame and a Lightning Bolt. The bonus rounds are activated when a particular number of Godzilla images come up on the reels of the space. The visuals incorporate Godzilla stepping through the city and breathing blaze which makes for a fascinating gaming background.

An IGT slot machine is well known for offering the absolute most fascinating bonus rounds. Godzila slots are no distinctive and offer several rounds. One of them is the Monster Island reward where players can control Godzilla in a specific way by swiping the suitable shaft on the touch screen. In light of the bearing, Godzilla is seen to inhale fire to decimate that place which unlocks free credits.

Players can additionally trigger the Mechagodzilla bonus in this slot where players are offered two new base slots. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla fight it out by assaulting one another’s healthy lines. The images for the slots are unique in relation to the typical slots. In the middle of the bonus round, players are offered an option between three entryways where one of them unlocks a re-trigger of the bonus round. At the end of the bonus round, players are come back to the ordinary game and the credits earned are added to the win total.