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An Overview of Baywatch Slot

Overview of Baywatch Slot: Where the sand is gold and the water, crystal!

Coin Size Min $0.01 to Max $25
Win/Pay line 20
Reels 5
Max Payout 1,500,000
Special Features Rescue Feature and Free Games Feature
Special Symbols Bonus, Scatter and Wild Symbols
Free Slot Spins Yes
AutoPlay Yes

Have you always admired the sultry CJ Parker and absolutely loved the smoldering Pamela Anderson? Did you think being a lifeguard was uber-cool because of Matt Brody, Neely Capshaw and Caroline Holden? Do you like playing and winning big? If so, this game is definitely your thang! With a theme set in those luscious and gorgeous Malibu beaches, this game sure gives you a very rustic sand and sparkling water vibes and is definitely based on the top 90s series, Baywatch. Released by the front-runners in this business, Playtech has gone all out in creativity with multiple bonuses in between its games almost like Inception. The theme has been well imbibed as the game is all play, fun and frolic.

Baywatch Slot is a progressive game that could get players winning a top prize of $1,500,000, but only if you go all in. The machine has five reels that can land on any of the twenty win lines providing you activated them all. With a wager choice of a meager $0.01 to a massive $500, you are definitely not at a lack of choice, especially when you get to pick how much you want to bet and it’s not machine automated.


You can pick any coin size ranging from $0.01 to $25 into the no. of reels being played thus making your highest bid $500, your minimum bid, a low roller less than a dollar and the maximum no. of coins that can be used – 20.

Go all in and you could be the lucky winner of a massive 1,500,000 (the maximum!) which is saying something.

Another amazing feature of this game is, you can play it in multiple local currencies which includes the British Pound, the Canadian Dollar or Euros. 

Win lines 

What about win lines? Well, players can choose the no. of paylines they want for each roll, thus making this a game personalized by the player and not just automated. The system is relatively simple, you pick the no. of lines you want to play, but inserting coins accordingly as 1 coin equals 1 payline, with a maximum of 20 coins being inserted per bet. As most games, the higher no. of lines you play, the more you could win. Though if you wagered the maximum amount of $500 and get a 5-in-hole of CJ Parker, you could be winning $1,500,000 which means you know what you got to do.

Normal Symbols 

The normal symbols in the game comprises of the numbers of a deck of playing cards, namely 1 – 10 and Jack (J), Queen (Q) and a King (K). In addition to those, you could also find three different types of Rescue Boats. Aside these regular symbols, you also have special symbols like the Wild and Scatters too.

Bonus Features and Symbols 

The first feature of the Baywatch slot games is the Rescue Feature, a bonus game, which is triggered when the Rescue Feature symbol appears anywhere on Reel 5. You then get to choose between two options, The CJ Parker Re-spin or the Lifeguard Mini Bonus.

If you pick the CJ Parker Re-spin Feature, you are awarded with 1 free re-spin. During this re-spin, randomly distributed extra wildcard (no more than 4) can be found on the reels. Also, if scatter symbols appear covered with wild symbols, you get paid as much as wild symbols do.

If you pick the Lifeguard Mini Bonus Feature, you will see 15 life guards covered in sand. You must uncover the sand from them one by one in an attempt to make a 3 of a kind match. All of them have a different cash value, but CJ Parker is worth 10 times the original stake.

The next feature is the Free Games Feature with which you get free spins. This is triggered when you get three Baywatch scatter symbols on any of the active reels. You get awarded with 12 free spins which has reels three stacked with lifeguards. You will be then shown a screen which will introduce you to the three lifeguard features that you will trigger in the Free Games Feature. Each of them will reward you with 6 free spins with its own special, individual features. When any of the corresponding lifeguard covers the entire third reel, one of the lifeguard features will trigger.

1)      My favorite, the Caroline Holden Feature is activated when Caroline occupies the entire third reel and you will get 6 extra re-spins and a 3x multiplier into all wins. You could also get wild symbols stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4.

2)      The Matt Brody Feature works the same way. It is triggered when Brody appears on the entire third reel and you get 6 extra free spins and the Matt Brody symbol acting as a wild symbol. A Matt Brody symbols appears on reel 1 and stays there frozen for the 1st, 4th and a 6th free spin.

3)      The most rewarding of all, the Neely Capshaw feature follows the same code but in addition to the free spins, you get a 2x multiplier which keeps increasing (up to 8x) if Neely Capshaw appears herself.

The best part of all, you can get about 12 free spins more every time 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reel. You cannot trigger more free spins during the lifeguard feature obviously, but you can get unlimited free spins in the base free spin feature. Tell me this isn’t the most money minting slot game you’ve come across!

The wild symbol in the Baywatch Slot Machine game is the CJ Parker symbol. And the scatter symbol is the Rescue Tower symbol. The Rescue Feature Text symbol is the bonus symbol in this game.

This was but a short presentation of the Baywatch Slot, with a basic explanation of various slot machine features to aid you. However, the best way to really understand the game is to try and play it yourself, no better feeling than that. Find a reliable online casino website and start playing already. Who knows, it may be your ticket to a nice, real life adventure to the Malibu beaches (imagine that!). Good luck!

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